Make Travel Matter®

Travel With Impact

MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are conscious travel experiences offered on our tours. They are chosen with great care based on the positive environmental or social impact they have on Scotland's communities and those who experience them. 

How are MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences chosen? 

Using our Make Travel Matter E-Assessment, travel experiences will be rated against a set of robust criteria, selected from the Global Indicator Framework for the Global Goals, in order to identify the ways in which they advance the 11 Global Goals that our sustainability strategy prioritises.

Our Experiences

Here are some of our unique MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences you can do on our trips to support people, planet, and wildlife:

Tormore Forest Community Project 

Tormore Forest is a community-owned forest on the beautiful Sleat Peninsula of the Isle of Skye; with spellbinding views to the Scottish mainland and small isles. The forest contains the remains of historical settlements that have great potential to be used by the residents and visitors to the island, but the community needs more helping hands to make the forest more accessible. Through tree planting, trail building, and invasive plant eradication, you will help the Sleat Community Trust to create a new fascinating site of interest and support the development of a wonderful local-driven project.

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Gaelic Language Workshop

Dive into Scotland’s founding language and culture at the renowned National Centre for Gaelic Language and Culture, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. You’ll attend an immersive tutoring session with fun and interactive language exercises and learn about the importance of trees in the Gaelic alphabet. Established in 1973, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig is dedicated to advancing the revitalisation of Gaelic language and culture through exceptional education, research, training, and economic initiatives.

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Dundreggan Rewilding Centre

The Dundreggan Rewilding Centre is committed to rejuvenating the Caledonian Forest, a once-vast habitat now reduced to less than 1% of its original size. Join us for a visit to discover the Caledonian Forest's rich history, learn about Trees For Life’s rewilding initiatives, and enjoy a leisurely woodland walk to witness the transformative impact of their efforts firsthand. 

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Image: © Paul Campbell Photography

Columba 1400: Social Enterprise Café

Stopping by the Columba 1400 café during one of our tours provides more than a culinary experience against the backdrop of stunning Scottish views. Your visit directly contributes to the mission of Columba 1400, an organisation dedicated to empowering young people in Scotland through transformative leadership programmes, where every purchase made at the cafe is reinvested into Columba 1400's initiatives. The cafe's offerings include homemade soups, delicious toasties, and fragrant coffees. 

Visiting the Columba Café 1400 isn't tied to a specific tour— you can experience it on a number of tours based on weather and traffic conditions, as well as the driver guide's discretion.